Customized security products and services

We provide customized security products and services to government organizations, corporations, and executives.

Our professional security experts personally bring to you the very best selection of truly innovative, highly effective and professional quality security & life saving products anywhere – at the lowest possible cost.
You can conveniently order the latest in protection and security products with total confidence & assurance that we are committed to your complete satisfaction.
Our Guarantee to you is:
• Quality – Reliable Products
• Competitive Pricing
• Complete Warrantee Policies
• Friendly, Professional & Knowledgeable Staff Response
• Twenty Four (24) Hour Tech Support
• Fast & Prompt Delivery

We are suppliers of security, law enforcement, military and counter terrorism products & services since 1991. We also provide equipment and services to corporate and industrial buildings and facilities and to corporate executives.
We are a complete (A-Z), full service organization, uniquely qualified to supply your every security need, including situation assessments and consultations in a most discrete and confidential manner. We also provide complete turn key installations including training and maintenance. Custom engineered products are also available.

Please contact us with your specific security needs.

Carry out Risk Audit.

A Risk Audit will summarize your facility’s Vulnerabilities. The risk audit will identify the the security measures that are in place and identify the security strengths and weaknesses. This will help you make a quality decision about equipment selection and options. Island will help you focus on the security deficiencies and correct them appropriately.

Adathakkar Commercial’s team can identify security deficiencies that may or may not be noticeable to an average person. Our team will work with your security professionals in identifying major points of penetration for the facility along with identifying the highest risk for attack.

Submit Scheme.

Adathakkar Commercial will evaluate your current site and give you the expert advice and design to help you come up with an excellent security solution. Our team will work with your security professionals in identifying major points of penetration and identify the highest risk for attack. Based on this analysis Island will provide a customized solution that will include equipment options and security procedures that can be implemented. With this detailed and comprehensive information you will be better equipped to select the equipment and services needed to create the exact solution your facility needs to meet the stated security objectives and goals.

Detailed Design.

Adathakkar Commercial has experience with the most complex to the simplest security projects. With the resources to get your project on paper and started, Island’s team offers several value added services to help with your security project. Our engineering team can create the layout and drawings for your project as well as any equipment customizations or specifications.

Often with integrating high security equipment it is very important for the drawings to be accurate and effective for installation purposes. Our team can create the overview, general arrangement, electrical, and many other common layouts needed to get your project started.

Implement Project.

You may be looking for a complete security overhaul or simply secure a single entry. Regardless of the scenario, our team will plan, drive, and monitor project progress along with controlling project cost, ensuring quality control standards, and giving you updates and the reports you need to see your project come to life. Island’s extensive knowledge of the security industry standards allows us to provide on time solutions to otherwise unforeseeable problems. Now you can be certain that your project will be completed on time the first time.

Prepare Manuals & Train staff.

Adathakkar Commercial will train your personnel and team to understand how the system works and its capabilities as well as common pitfalls and mistakes to keep your your security solution working effectively. With Island you can rest assured you won’t be left in the dark and clueless at the end of the day with a complex system that you and your team don’t understand. We will provide manuals to ensure that your team always has the right references to create a safe environment.