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✔Agricultural Products (grains, and food and fiber) ✔Livestock and Meat ✔Energy ✔Precious Metals ✔Industrial Metals ✔Textiles ✔Dyes and Pigments ✔Home Furnishings ✔Embroidered and Zari Items ✔Pipes and Pipe Fittings ✔Medical Disposables ✔Laboratory Equipment ✔ ✔Engineering and Electrical Products.

Security & Surveillance Equipment and Consultancy

✔Bulletproof Vests ✔Combat Helmets ✔Night Vision ✔Vehicle Stoppers ✔Cameras ✔Vehicle Surveillance ✔Bomb Detection ✔Access Control ✔Bomb Blankets ✔Bomb Disposal Bins ✔Explosives Detectors ✔Stun Guns ✔Prisoner Belts ✔Customized Solutions


✔Investment and Portfolio Management Services ✔Mergers & Acquisitions ✔Re-Development and Development Services ✔Property and Project Management ✔Land Acquisition ✔Entry Assessment ✔Entry Implementation ✔Business Expansion

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Interested in doing business in India?

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Interested in doing business in India? Already here, but experiencing challenges? Contact Adathakkar Commercial to learn how partnering with a local professional and experienced market entry team can help you achieve your goals in India. info@adathakkar.com 614-450-2510 Sectors Automobiles, Automobile Components, Aviation, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Construction, Defense Manufacturing, Electrical Machinery, Electronic Systems, Food Processing, It And

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Business location

What type of location is best suited for your business?

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When selecting a #business #location. Ask yourself.  

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Natural Gum

Guar Gum is an important ingredient in producing food emulsifier, food additive, food thickener and other products

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India is native of guar or cluster bean where it is used as a vegetable. Guargum is an extract of the guar bean, where it acts as a food and water store. About 90 per cent of guar gum processed in India is exported. There are various grades of Guar gums pure or derivative. Its

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unique ability

Security, CCTV, Access Control and Fire Alarm Systems

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Adathakkar Commercial has substantial experience in the design, development, installation, and maintenance of security and fire alarm systems. Island has developed a series of strategic alliances with security and fire alarm vendors to provide quality yet cost-effective systems to meet clients’ needs. Our strategic alliances are not limited to one vendor per system type. This

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